Rates on prepaid cell phone plans are very hard to compare because each network has a different pricing system. PAYGmobile.com is your online resource for unbiased comparisons and information on all major pay as you go cell phone plans. Use the calculator below to compare prepaid rates from all cell phone companies and find the best deal based on your usage. Or click the logos to the right to see more info about prepaid prices and services offered by each cell phone company.

Comparison Calculator

I use my phone minutes per

 % of my phone usage is at night (after 9PM) or on weekends.

I use my phone  days per month.

Prepaid cell phones offer low rates without the monthly phone bills, no credit checks, and no contract. Read more about why you should choose prepaid...

If you talk more than 400 minutes per month, it's cheaper to get a postpaid contract.

Click on a logo to see details about each company's prepaid plans:
T-mobile Prepaid
verizon wireless prepaid
virgin mobile
Cingular Prepaid
boost mobile prepaid
alltel wireless prepaid
Ampd Mobile Pay as you go
Net10 Prepaid
Tracfone Wireless

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Prepaid cell phone prices are often complicated and full of fine print. We created this comparison calculator to make your search easier and save you money. It will show you every major prepaid wireless plan ranked by price based on your needs. This site is updated as soon as new services are offered or if prices change.