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Alltel Wireless Prepaid Plans

Alltel Wireless offers 3 different pay as you go plans. There's pay by the minute, pay by the day, and pay by the month. Text messages on all the plans are 5 sent/received.  With Pay Per Minute, you pay 15/min anytime. The initial topup is $20 and you need to make at least one call every 30 days, otherwise $4 is deducted.
Alltel Pay Per Day is 10/min anytime, but you are also charged 75 per day. There are 4 additional features that you can sign up for. 1. unlimited nights/weekends. 2. unlimited calls to 1 number (on any network). 3. unlimited texts. 4. unlimited Alltel mobile to mobile calls.  You can select any two of these four features for no additional charge. Or select more for 25 per day each. If you mostly make calls to one number, to other Alltel customers, or at nights and on weekends, then this plan can be very favorable.

Alltel Pay Per Month is also pay as you go, but there is a monthly rate with inclusive minutes similar to contract phone plans.  The more expensive the plan, the cheaper it is per minute and will include more night/weekend minutes.  If your usage changes, you can switch between plans or discontinue with the service. Nights are 9 PM to 6 AM. Long distance is included, but roaming is 59 per minute, but Alltel's national network usually has good coverage. The pay per month prices and features are listed below.

Monthly Price Anytime Minutes Night/Weekend Minutes Additional Minutes
$29.99 200 1000 35
$39.99 400 2000 35
$69.99 700 Unlimited 10