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Amp'd Mobile Pay As You Go Plans

Amp'd Mobile has one of the more simple price plans. It's just 10 cents per minute anytime. Long distance and roaming are included. They also offer a number of additional services that cost extra but are optional. Text messages are 10 cents each sent or received. Unlimited Push to Talk is $1 per day. Use it only on days you need it. Picture messaging is 25 cents each. Downloading music, wallpapers, and videos starts from 99 cents each. Balance refills are available in $20, $30, $40, and $50 denominations. The prices are still the same regardless of how much you buy. You can recharge with a topup card, or with a credit card online or by phone. Amp'd Mobile gives the option for automatic refills in which you credit or debit card is automatically charged a set amount when your balance reaches $0. Funds expire 60 days after they were added unless you refill again before the expiry.  

Amp'd Mobile is a new wireless carrier that offers many extra services beyond just making calls. Using high speed wireless you can get customized content and entertainment on your phone. You can download music, ringtones, and wallpapers. You can watch videos and sports clips, get sports scores and other news alerts, and even play games. With Amp'd Live you get content from MTV, NBC, Maxim and other media sources. They have great coverage because they operate on Verizon's nationwide network.

Topup Value Anytime
$20 200
$30 300
$40 400
$50 500