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Net10 Wireless Prepaid Plans

Net10 Wireless is operated by Tracfone Wireless buy with much lower rates. As the name of the company implies, you always pay 10 per minute regardless of the topup amount, time of day, or who you call.  If you like low rates, simple pricing, and no hidden fees, this is the best plan. It's 10 per minute, anytime, anywhere.  Text messages are only 5. The minimum topup value is $30 and lasts 60 days. If you're not a frequent cell phone user, this plan usually is the cheapest. To avoid expiration you only need to use 150 minutes per month. On the home page you can use the comparison calculator to find the cheapest plan for your usage. Local, long distance, and roaming are included. There are no contracts, no deposits, and no monthly bills. You also get features like voicemail, caller ID, and call waiting.

Top Up Minutes Days to Expiration
$30 300 60
$60 600 90
$100 1000 180
$150 1500 365