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T-Mobile To Go Prepaid Plans

T-Mobile To Go offers one type of plan that has the same rate regardless of which network you call or when you call.  And there is no daily fee. If you don't use it, you don't pay. Most other carriers give you the same rate no matter how much you use. With T-mobile, more expensive top ups are a much better value. They give you cheaper rates and longer expiration dates.  No extra long distance or roaming charges.

Text Messages: $0.10 to send, free to receive. Multimedia Messages (MMS): $0.25 cents to send, free to receive.
T-mobile Sidekick plan: $1 per day for unlimited email, web browsing, instant messaging and text messaging. 15 cents per minute for calls.

After you've topped up $100, you will have "gold rewards" status which means that all further top ups have extra minutes and do not expire for 1 year.

Top Up Minutes Price/Minute Days to Expiration Gold Rewards Minutes
$10 30 33 30 35
$25 130 19 90 150
$50 400 12.5 90 460
$100 1000 10 365 1000