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Tracfone Prepaid Wireless Plans

Tracfone Wireless offers only prepaid services.  The price per minute depends on how much you top up at once. For $19.99 you pay 33 and that decreases to 20 for a topup of $79.99. All topup values are shown below. They all expire after 60 days, so it's not worth buying more value if you don't use up all the minutes.  These rates are relatively expensive, but you can get double the top up value for $14.99 per month. Then the $79.99 topup gives you 800 minutes instead of 400. But you can get the rate of 10 per minute from Net10 without having to pay so much. Our comparison calculator on the home page will ensure you choose the right plan.

Tracfone Yearly Plans don't expire for 1 year instead of 60 days like the other topups. For $99.99 you get 250 minutes good for 1 year and you can always add value if you use it up. The other alternative is $129.99 for 400 minutes which also gives you double topup value for a whole year. Tracfone's rates are always the same regardless of time of day or which network you call. Long distance is included, but if you are roaming, the calls will cost double. Text messages cost 1 minute of voice calling which means Tracfone has the highest texting rates for low value topups.

Top Up Minutes Price Per Minute
$19.99 60 33
$29.99 120 25
$49.99 250 20
$79.99 400 20